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Joint-Stock Company " GRANCO SHIP'S SERVICE" carries out delivery is the spare parts for any engines of the Russian and foreign manufacture established on vessels mixed navigations (river-sea), and also for compressors, pumps, separators and other ship equipment.


Marks of engines of following manufacturers are main:

  SKL Magdeburg  

NVD(S) 48(A;AU;A-2U;A-3U),NVD26-2(A2;A3),NVD 36AU, VD(S) 26/20(AL 1;AL2) VD(S) 36/24



  SKODA   6S160, 6S27,5
  JSC "Zavod "DAGDIZEL"   5D2, 5D2M, 5D4, DP26, DP18, DP45, DS25, Kaspij 30M, Kaspij 40, 8D6s, 8D6, 10D6, DS55, DS35, DS25, Kaspij-30M and auxiliary 5D2M, 5D4, DGA-16/1500 (230V and 380V) , DGKP-10M
  JSC "PERVOMAJSKDIZELMASH"   DGR200/500-2 (6CH 25/34-2), DGR300/500-1 (6CHN 25/34), DGA 315 (6CHN25/34-7) DGA 500 (8CHN25/34-4), DGR320/500 (6CHN 25/34-3), DGR400/500-2 (8CHN 25/34-2), DGR500/500 (8CHN 25/34-3); 8CHNP 25/34
  JSC "RUMO"   1A 224/750 (6CH1A23/30), 1A 300/750 (8CH1A23/30), 2A 300/750 (8CH2A23/30), 1A 300/1000 (6CH1A23/30), 2A 300/1000 (6CH2A23/30), 1A 400/1000 (8CH1A23/30), DRA450 (6CHSP1A23/30), DRA600 (8CHSP1A23/30), G70, G74, 6CHRN36/45), DRA G74 (6CHRPN36/45)
  JSC "JUZHDIZELMASH"   К-562М, К-564А1, К-564А2, К-364МА1, К-364МА2, К-360М, К-362М, К-962, К-167-2, К-167-3, 4ДМ13МК-164М1, К-171М1,К-457М1, К-958М1, К-471М1, К-166М1, К-661М1, К-763М1, К-461М1, К-169М1, К-270М1/1
  М753, М756, М775, М50, М400, М401А, М401Б, М417, М419, ДРА210В, М503, М504, М612, М623, М64, KAS-315, KAS-500,KAS-630
    JSC "BARNAULTRANSMASH"   1D12,1D6, 1D6-100, 1D6-100AD, 1D6-150, 1D6-150AD, 2D6, 3D12, 3D6, 3D6S, 7D12, D12A, D12sp, D6, D6S, D6S-150, D6Sspec, D12A-375B, 1D12-400, 1D12B, 1D12BM, 1D12V-300, 1D12V-300K, 2D12B, 3D12A, 3D12AL, 7D12A-1
    JSC "DALDIZEL"   6CH18/22, 6CHN18/22-DD202, DD203, DD205, DD206, DD212, DD213
6CHSPN18/22-DD107, DD108, DD208, DD209
8CHSPN18/22-DD103, DD104, DGR1A100/750, DGR1A160/750, DGR1A200/750

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